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Snore Guards

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Find Your Solution To Snoring With A Snore Guard


Snoring can be more than just something that annoys your partner. Sometimes it’s indicative of another more serious problem and can have significant health risks associated with it. You will be happy to hear that we have a solution for you at R and A Dentistry! Our revolutionary snore guard can alleviate this problem by slightly repositioning your jaw and opening up the obstructed airways.

There are FDA-approved oral appliances available to help with snoring, but they are not available over the counter and do not always offer a comfortable fit. Our trained dentist can make you a custom snoring device, but only after you have been officially diagnosed with sleep apnea.

A snore guard can be made to fit your mouth precisely and help alleviate snoring by clearing the blocked throat passage. Separate trays for the upper and lower teeth will be connected by S-shaped connectors to create proper lower mandibular protrusion and eliminate snoring.



What Is Sleep Apnea?

Simply put, this is when you stop breathing in your sleep. Here are the three different kinds of conditions:

  1. Central Sleep Apnea occurs when the brain is sending messages to the lungs to breathe, but the lungs are not receiving that message

  2. Obstructive Sleep Apneais when something anatomical is blocking the upper airway

  3. Complex or Mixed Sleep Apnea happens because of a combination of central and obstructive apneic episodes

A professional diagnosis is very important. If you use a snoring device and you have central or complex sleep apnea, the results could be harmful. It’s recommended that you get a sleep study done to confirm that you have a sleep condition or a more common cause of snoring.

Why Should I Use A Custom Made Snoring Guard?


There are several benefits to using a custom-made snoring device over store bought ones, including:

  1. A custom made snoring device is one of the most comfortable ways to treat obstructive sleep apnea

  2. The device is much more effective than any prefabricated one because it’s specially designed for your mouth

  3. A custom snore guard will last significantly longer than any prefabricated one.


While there are prefabricated snoring devices that claim you can customize them yourself at home, doctors don’t recommend these products. A custom snoring device is made to fit properly in your mouth and will be monitored and adjusted as needed by your dentist.

Devices you can buy over the counter will never fit as securely as one that is custom made, which will make it less effective and possibly dangerous.

custom night guards

Are There Any Side Effects With Using A Snore Guard?


As with any medical intervention, there are potential side effects to using a custom-made snoring device. You should ask your doctor if you have any concerns, but some of the most common as the following:

  1. You could be masking a symptom of another sleep condition, which is why a proper diagnosis is so important

  2. TMJ Disorder can occur because these devices work by holding the jaw in a slightly forward position to clear the airway. Unfortunately, this can also put pressure on the joints and teeth and lead to TMJ Disorder

  3. There’s a chance that a snoring device can cause you to grind your teeth. Teeth grinding can lead to TMJ, pain, sensitivity, and worn teeth. If you wake up and you have a sore jaw, there’s a chance that you’re grinding your teeth at night and you may not be aware of it

  4. You might get pain in the teeth and gums if the device fits too snugly against the tissue. If this occurs, you’ll need to have the device readjusted

  5. You may experience dry mouth if your lips can’t close over the device or if you have trouble breathing through your nose

It is best to schedule an appointment and speak with the dentist about your concerns of the potential side effects of snoring devices. Although they are not guaranteed to happen, there is a possibility that they can arise in the future.

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