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Root canal treatment repairs and saves any damaged or infected teeth. There is a lot of stigma around the term “root canal,” which people often relate to an overly-painful procedure. The truth is, having this procedure done isn’t any more uncomfortable than having a filling placed, and the treatment can save you from tooth loss now and in the future.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is made up of one or more porcelain or acrylic teeth to replace one or more missing natural teeth. Gum-coloured acrylic attaches these teeth to a metal framework, which is held in the mouth with either metal clasps or precision attachments.

Unlike a fixed bridge, partial dentures are removable, although they should be worn every day to help maintain the ideal fit. You may need to visit your dentist several times to ensure the partial fits properly.

Adapting To Your Partial Dentures

  1. Practice speaking by reading out loud until your tongue adjusts to the denture

  2. Be prepared for extra saliva for the first few weeks as your mouth adjusts to having something new in it

  3. Eat soft foods at first to get used to eating with the denture in place

  4. Clean your dentures with a regular or denture brush every day

  5. Store your denture in water when not wearing it.

Complete Dentures

Full or complete dentures typically require 3-6 office visits. It is up to you to pass judgement on the fit and look of your dentures during these visits. Dentures can have specially shaped teeth and gums, gold or silver filling and other characteristics meant to duplicate natural teeth.

It usually takes a little while to get used to wearing a full denture. There may also be minor adjustments that your dentist will make to fine tune your denture’s fit. Many patients adapt to wearing a full denture after a few weeks.



Caring For Your Dentures

  1. Rinse your denture thoroughly after every meal.

  2. Cleanse your denture thoroughly at least once a day using a toothbrush and non-abrasive denture cleanser

  3. Store your denture in normal tap water or denture cleaning solution overnight to avoid warping

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