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Dental Emergency

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Do You Have A Dental Emergency In Calgary?


It never fails: You’re enjoying the weekend when you experience sudden and debilitating dental pain. You need a dentist, but business hours are long over. We understand how difficult it is to find an emergency dentist in Calgary when you absolutely need one the most. Whether you need urgent treatment during or after business hours, we’re always here for you.


What constitutes emergency dental treatment? Anything that causes you severe dental pain, or threatens the health of your teeth is considered emergent. With some conditions, waiting too long to see a dentist may result in permanent tooth damage. Others may be less severe, but can still cause discomfort you shouldn’t needlessly suffer through.

Loosing A Tooth


Teeth that are knocked free from the socket, or that become loose in the socket should be evaluated by a dentist ASAP. Complete the following if you have lost a tooth:

  1. Handle the tooth by the crown versus the roots

  2. Rinse the missing tooth beneath gently flowing water to wash away any debris

  3. If possible, place the tooth carefully and gently back into the socket to prevent the roots from drying out. It’s important that it doesn’t dry out.

  4. Alternately, place the tooth in a small container, fill with milk until it is submerged, and bring it with you

  5. Place a clean cloth or gauze in the socket and press down gently to control bleeding

  6. See a dentist immediately for possible replacement of the expelled tooth

Fracturing A Tooth


Tooth fractures are a common emergency. Some fractures are minimal, such as a small nick to the edge of a tooth. Others may fracture the tooth completely in half, or take away a significant portion of it. You should complete the following if you have fractured any of your teeth:

  1. Rinse your mouth out with clean water

  2. Place a cold compress against the fractured tooth to help reduce swelling of the gums. You may also place a cold pack on your cheek over the fracture site if this is more comfortable

  3. Place any chipped or broken pieces of tooth in a small container of milk and bring with you to the dentist

It’s a good idea to call us even if you think a fracture is minimal. More serious fractures may result in the loss of teeth if not treated quickly

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If You Experience Dental Pain


Pain can occur from infection, irritated gums, or trauma t the mouth or teeth. An impacted or infected tooth can also cause severe pain. Symptoms of an infected tooth include:

  • Dull pain that may become quickly severe

  • Swelling of the gums or soft tissue around the affected tooth

  • Low-grade fever

  • Bleeding gums around the affected tooth

In some cases, a physician at your local emergency room may be able to help you with an infected tooth. However, we consider it emergency dental treatment and encourage you to call us. The problem may go deeper than an infection and an urgent dental evaluation will lead to effective care.
Severely infected teeth may need further treatment than just antibiotic therapy, and it’s a good idea to catch it early. Pain doesn’t always have an obvious source so let us help you uncover the problem behind that pain.

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Soft Tissue Injuries


Lacerations of the inside of the mouth or of the gums are considered soft tissue injuries. These occur from trauma—such as being struck with a baseball in the mouth, or striking your mouth on the edge of a surface. The tissue inside your mouth contains a large network of tiny blood vessels called capillaries. Because of this, injuries inside your mouth will bleed quite a bit.


  1. Rinse your mouth with warm water

  2. Gently apply a clean cloth or gauze to the injury site and apply firm pressure to control bleeding

  3. Don’t remove soaked gauze from the injury; place new gauze on top of the old and continue holding pressure. Repeat until bleeding is controlled

Even if your teeth aren’t involved in the injury, give us a call and we’ll help you decide whether our office or the local emergency room is appropriate for treatment.

Your Health Is Our Priority

Never hesitate to call if you have come across a sudden dental emergency and require assistance. It’s true that some things can wait until office hours resume, but we’d rather have you call so we can help you decide if emergency treatment is needed or a regular appointment should be booked.

Contact our emergency dentist in Calgary at  if you’re ever in need of emergency dental care or have any questions about our services.

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