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General Dentistry


Meet And Greet The Dentists

We’re always happy to see new faces at our clinic! We welcome any potential clients to stop in for a meet & greet, prior to making any booking commitments.


Dental Exams

Routine cleanings and exams help ensure the health of your teeth and gums and can help prevent other diseases, too. Studies have shown a direct connection between regular dental cleanings and a reduction in the risk of heart disease and stroke. How’s that for motivation to make an appointment today?

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Dental Hygiene

A cleaning is multi-functional and typically performed by a hygienist to remove build-up around your teeth and gums that can lead to gum disease and other illnesses as mentioned above.



A sealant is a clear or white acrylic-like material that bonds with the tooth to help shut out decay-causing bacteria from the chewing surface of the back teeth. 


White Fillings

White tooth fillings are a plastic mixture mixed with glass that is the same color as a tooth. When they were first developed, they weren’t durable enough to be used on anything but the front teeth, but the technology has advanced so that they are becoming the preferred method for all teeth.


Dental Bonding

Cosmetic bonding or resin bonding is when a tooth coloured resin is bonded to your tooth and sculpted into proper shape. The resin is a composite of semi-liquid acrylic and tiny particles of glass. 


Inlays And Onlays

Inlays and onlays are restorations used to repair teeth with mild to moderate decay or damage. 


Dental Emergency

Whether you need urgent treatment during or after business hours, we’re always here for you.

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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment repairs and saves any damaged or infected teeth.



Full or Partial Dentures May Help Your Mouth Function More Effectively. Dentures, or replacement teeth, can help recipients chew their food better, allowing them to absorb more nutrients from their food. 


Night Guards

If you wake up in the morning with an aching jaw, it’s possible that you’re suffering from teeth grinding or jaw clenching at night. It’s possible that wearing a custom made night guard can help you reduce these problems at night and protect your teeth effectively. 


Snoring Appliances

Snoring can be more than just something that annoys your partner. Sometimes it’s indicative of another more serious problem and can have significant health risks associated with it.


Sport Guards

When an injury arises, possible damage to your teeth could affect your speech, smile, and ability to chew. It’s important for you to protect yourself.



At our Calgary clinic we understand you may feel anxious or fearful about coming to the dentist. We offer our downtown clients sedation in dentistry, as an opportunity to make your dental visit less stressful.

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